Saturday, December 03, 2016

Conversations with Hop and Ro

Been a while since we've done one of these...but my boys continue to crack me up.


Me: Rowan, why are you naked?
Rowan:  Because I wanted to show Hopper my penis.
Hopper: Yeah, it was awkward.


Rowan: Mom! Did you know that if the sun blows up, the Earth will freeze?
Me: Yep, that's true, but we wouldn't care because we'd all be dead.
Hopper:  You really need to work on looking at the bright side, Mom.


Me (cooking dinner): Rowan, dude, where are your pants?
Rowan: I wanted to show Hopper my noodle.
Me: Rowan, we don't call it "a noodle." The correct term is "penis."
Rowan (holds up handful of pasta): Really Mom? I thought it was "spaghetti."

Rowan (losing at some random Ipad game): DAMMIT!
Me: Rowan, that is not a word you are allowed to say.
Rowan:  I'm sorry, Mom.  GODDAMMIT.

Rowan: Mom, what are hotdogs?
Hopper:  Don't be stupid, Rowan, it's a dog's wiener.
Me: It is NOT  a dog's wiener.
Me: Wait, You think I would feed you guys a dog's wiener for dinner??
Hopper: With ketchup, sure!


Maybe someday we'll have conversations that don't revolve around weiners.  A girl can dream.

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