Monday, June 26, 2017

Things I left in Arkansas, part 1

The boys and I spent most of last week visiting relatives in Arkansas. We got back yesterday evening, so I'm still figuring out what's missing, but here is an incomplete list of the things I left in Arkansas:

**my gigantic swim bag which includes approximately 17 pairs of little boy swim goggles that I have lovingly collected over the years

**100 dollars somewhere (am now considering it a gift to the Universe)

**at least 3 tubes of kid toothpaste 

my beloved yurt 

any qualms I had about peeing in a bucket 

The safety and security I felt before my child learned how to make fire.

**My "Killing My Liver While Floatin' the River" shirt, which I am pretty sure is in the swim bag, or stolen by someone who was just really jealous. 

A microSD Card (Blue) that contains pictures from our "float" trip. Seriously, if you find my microSD card, mail it to me!  

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