Monday, August 07, 2017

Farm Days 2017, Days 1-3

The boys have been at the Farm since Mid-July. I know. I would have written some sort of celebratory post featuring pictures of me in a hottub eating lobster tails and drinking champagne, but it turns out, I spent most of my kid-free break cleaning up puppy pee and I don't really care for lobster.
At any rate, Sam and I came up on Thursday and.. we brought the only dog we have that qualifies for in-cabin travel on the airplane. Our first three days at the farm have included lots of jumping off the dock into the pond. This is pretty much the same thing they did last summer, only this year there has been a lot more rain and Hopper has discovered new ways to execute a belly flop.

Mamie likes rolling in the grass a lot more than she likes swimming. In fact, I put her on a raft and she went full on Pasha- Mode. 

Our other adventures have included lots of cooking on Sam's part, some questionable spring roll construction on my part and lots of cousin time. 

And then of course, no vacation is complete without at least one trip to Grafton Lakes State Park when it's completely freezing and about to storm. (ok, fine, it was mid 60's, close enough). 

Upcoming: Mass Moca, Full Moon Picnic and Jiminy Peak!

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