Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Conversation with my neice 12/26/05

Me: grandma says it's time to get breakfast

Casey: I'm not eating it if it's oatmeal.

Me: It's oatmeal.

Casey: awwww maaaannnn

Me: come on, it's good for you.

Casey: Are there dinosaur eggs in it?

Me: Is that a good thing???


happyboogie said...

Hi Lee!! Just saying hi. Saw your entry on expats. I don't post on blogger, but use an account to post comments. I guess we don't have to do that, but I keep it anyway in case I decided to grow up and move off Xanga. Glad to get to keep up with your doings. So did they decide there were dinosaur eggs in the oatmeal?

Kate Schuller said...

You forgot to tell the darling that you moved to Texas so you wouldn't have to eat oatmeal for breakfast.