Friday, January 20, 2006

Food, wine, more food, wine, wine, wine

Here at the Lee/Sam household, we eat a lot of good food and drink a lot of great wine. We'll probably die before we're 50, but we'll be a well-sated 50... with that in mind and nothing else to contribute for the day, I'm offering some recommendations on food/wine for the week.

Clementine oranges are so freakin' tasty. I didn't actually know before I looked it up that they're oranges, not tangerines. They're in season now, so get them while you can. And try not to eat 7 of them in one sitting. Not that I have ever done that.

I could probably eat Laughing Cow Cheese forever. The full fatted version, not the light (as with any cheese, just eat less of the full fat version..because low fat cheese mostly tastes like monkey butt).

If you're ever looking for a good but really cheap wine for every day, Three Thieves is easy to find. Don't be put off by the jug. We usually get the Zin, but I like the Bandit Tetra California Pinot Grigio too. I'm in the process of tracking down some Trevor Jones Boots Grenache that my sister and I both love, but it's a bit harder to find because it's not available all year round. If you hear of anywhere that has it in Austin right now, let me know. I need it mid-February.

Speaking of, I'm going to get Sam the Sommelier to recommend some fancier wines here pretty soon. I wanted to get his opinion on the macon village I had this week because I thought it was great, but as he pointed out: I drank it all before he got to it. So, uh, oops.

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