Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More Simone

I saw the tail wag! Real and true wagging of the tail this morning, early. She's been coming out of the crate on her own for about 3 days now. Usually, she just high-tails it to the couch, which is her new spot to stayed glued to (other than the back of her crate). She's not exactly "mobile." Nah, it's more like she has started slinking silently from room to room. I never actually see her move from crate to couch. It's like she just pops up on the couch all of a sudden. She watches me all the time to see what I'm doing. And I may be imagining it, but she does kinda sidle up next to me when I sit down. I try not to push her because usually if I say anything to her above a whisper, she flinches. I usually just sit next to her and massage her ears for a while, which I think she enjoys. She also seems to really like her t-shirt I've given her. So, progress is sllllooooowwww, to say the least, but we're getting somewhere.

Back to this morning: I was out on the back porch eating my cereal when she ran out through the dog door into the back yard, which is crazy enough on it's own because--hey! she's walking! And I can see her! Then, she picked up a squeaky dog toy, tossed it then wiggled her little butt around. It actually seemed like she might be playing.. After the shock wore off, it made me laugh out loud. And then she heard me laugh and completely froze, slunk to the ground and darted through the dog door back to her crate. Moment: gone. But for those 10-20 seconds, I saw a normal happy little girl in there. It made my freakin' day.

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