Friday, February 17, 2006

Set List

Because you couldn't be with me while I sang the hell out of some Journey last night at the Love Bites show, I have recreated the set list for you:

1.) Every Rose has Its Thorn--Poison
Lighters immediately came out and it was very cute until the guy behind me vehemently screamed "Brett Michaels is the Anti-Christ". I mean, that was funny, but he scared me a little.

2). You Don't Know What You've Got (Til It's Gone)--Cinderella
I have no memory of Cinderella. Did they really exist?

3). All I Need (Is a Miracle)--Mike and the Mechanics
what with the who now?

4). Love Bites--Def Leppard

5). Separate Ways-Journey
I have to admit that I never actually knew the what they were saying in this song til last night. Still doesn't make a lot of sense.

6). More than Words--I have no idea who this is, but I remember thinking that the guy playing guitar was cute back when the song came out. Now he just seems..girly.

7). Eternal Flame--Bangles
This was the second of the non-heavy metal songs (after Mike and the Mechanics??) but every girl in the house was rocking this one.

8). Sister Christian

9). November Rain
A song back from when Axl Rose didn't look like a feral muppet.

10). Without You--Motley Crue
I am shocked, shocked that any member of this group has been able to father children after wearing leather pants this tight.

11). Faithfully--Journey
Holy shit, I completely lost my voice on this one.

12). Pour Some Sugar On Me--Def Leppard
Not a love song...though I guess in some circles it could be...but there was lots of booty shaking on this one.

13). You Give Love a Bad Name-Bon Jovi

14). Come Sail Away--Styx
I seriously thought the guy sitting next to me was going to pop a vocal chord.

15). Sweet Child of Mine--Guns'n'Roses

And the best part of the night was when, at the end of the show, a girl sitting on our row got up in front of the entire audience and with microphone in hand, asked her boyfriend to marry him (he said yes).

fun fun!

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