Monday, April 03, 2006


whew, I'm back. We had a totally busy, but totally fun weekend...despite losing that precious, precious hour of sleep.

On Friday, my sister Robyn and my neice and nephew and I went to Seaworld. It's not our first time to see Shamu, so we knew which stuff we wanted to see... or at least Connor did. The sea lion show is his favorite. It is pretty cute...

The last time we went to Sea World which was about 3 years ago, Connor was too young to realize how terrifying the Steel Eel was going to be and he willingly hopped on, but this time, he smartened up. No rides for us, no sir, no thank you.

Okay, Casey and I rode the Shamu Express, which is sort of like riding in a Shamu-shaped shopping cart around a few curves, but that was it. Anyway, so this is the closest any of us got to any of their so-called rides. That is to say: we fart in the Steel Eel's general di-rection.

We had fun feeding the dolphins. That's always my favorite part. The last time we did this, Connor had an allergic reaction to the feeder fish and blew up like a balloon. We had better luck this time.

One of the dolphins even smiled and said "cheese" for me.

and oh! While we were doing that, I happened to notice that the guy who was right next to us sort of sounded familiar. I wasn't really paying any attention to him at first, and then after about 5 minutes, I realized. Hey, that's Grissom from CSI! He's the guy in the gray hat and shirt in the background here.

all in all, it was a pretty fun, if tiring day. As cheesy as it is, there are lots of cool things to see there. But no polar bears, apparently. Sorry, Connor.

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Fishdog said...

man, looks like you guys were having some serious fun, there.

those are some cute kids