Thursday, June 08, 2006

Due to Maintenance

Every time I’ve tried to log onto blogger in the last two days, I’ve gotten an error message telling me I can’t get in to do any blogging right now…which is probably a good thing since pretty much everything I’ve wanted to say was a cranky diatribe against

a)the neighborhood evangelist who keeps leaving me handwritten notes (in pencil)

b)why the media won’t let me just pretend this person doesn’t exist

c) something else disgusting the dogs have done that will scar me for life

So, I will spare you…. Except this I can’t leave alone.

Oh, so you mean it’s hot in Austin?? So hot we have to write the 8,896,457th article about it? Really?? huh. In other hard hitting news, the sky is blue, the grass is green and our 43rd president is not the smartest of men.

see? I told you I was cranky.

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