Tuesday, June 06, 2006

oh for the love of dog..

Yall know how much I care about dogs. Enough to have 8 of them in my house. To cook for them, clean up after them, drive all over Texas to pick them up from bad people and spend most of my weekends looking for good homes for them.

But in every rescuer's life there comes a time when circumstances may force you to reach the limits of your love. A sort of gauntlet is thrown and you realize that even though you have all this compassion in your heart, there are some things you simply are not willing to deal with.

My friends, I reached that limit last weekend.

I won't bore you with the details (mainly because I really really never want to think about it again) but lets just say that it involved the new dog, a bad case of priapism and a thirty minute phone conversation with a vet tech who did an impressive job of not laughing her ass off at me.

There was a lesson learned here: sure, I love dogs. But I don't love love dogs. And given the option between handling (ugh, sorry) these things at home or taking the dog to the vet, trust me, I'm taking the dog to the vet.

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C-Dawg said...

Bwah ha ha ha...I am laughing my ass off!!! I learned a new word today..."Class, lets all say priapism" LMAO!!! C-Dawg