Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome Back

After lying dormant for far too long, the pizza oven is making its Fall 2007 debut with our first pizza party of the season this upcoming weekend. Sam and Roy put a nice, shiny new coat of sloppy mud on it and everything. We usually tell guests to bring whatever toppings they want to experiment with and so far we've had some pretty good pizzapies coming out of that oven (though I think the vodka/lobster one was a little overrated). Inevitably, we'll end up with 12lbs of leftover pepperoni in the fridge no matter what happens.

I've been poring over pizza recipes in the hopes of finding something new and fun, but so far: nunf. I'll probably just stick with the ol' standby of sausage and mushroom though I might add some sassy alfredo sauce instead of regular marinara. Sam has plans for one that involves roasted duck. Does that surprise anyone? Anyway, if you've got any good pizza idears let me know.


Suzy said...

We're bringing basil and rocket!

Anonymous said...

Shrimp pesto? with a white sauce?