Thursday, August 14, 2008

The More You Know

Pursuant to our last conversation (you know I had to look it up), the American Beverage Association has this to say about who has the lowest amount of caffeine..

Pepsi One 55.5 mg
Mountain Dew 55 mg
Mellow Yellow 52.8 mg
Diet Coke 45.6 mg
Dr. Pepper 41 mg
Diet Dr. Pepper 41 mg
Mr. Pibb 40 mg
Pepsi 37.5 mg
Diet Pepsi 36 mg
Coke Classic 34 mg

So, there you go. Too bad Diet Pepsi tastes like monkey butt.


Anonymous said...

Hey you...Diet Pepsi pays my's my largest client...easy with the Monkey Butts...LOL..CES

Stinkydog said...

oh, so you have the actual opportunity to tell them in person that their beverage tastes like the ass of monkey? You need to do that. For real.

Anonymous said...

Well...if I can come and live with you and Sam...I'm on it

Robyn said...

BUT you should watch your intake of artificial sweeteners and monky butt

Mommy said...

I think Diet Pepsi tastes better than Diet Coke, but mostly they do all taste like ass.

They make those half size cans now, too, although I haven't looked for diet ones.

Anonymous said...

Goodness people - guess I'm not in the know regarding the taste of ass.

I do like the taste of Diet Pepsi as apposed to Diet Coke.