Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Things You Probably Don't Want to Know (but I'm going to tell you anyway):

1. I have no idea what day it is. I do not know if it's still March or April or whether it's Saturday or Wednesday. All I know is whether it's daylight outside. So, if you're expecting me somewhere, don't be surprised if I'm about 48 hours late.

2. Here lately, I usually don't answer the phone or the door because I have something attached to my boob. Either a baby or a pump. Neither one makes it very easy to get up.

3. I'm not sure I've even used deodorant in about a week or so. Too much work. (Hillary, I promise I'll wear some to your wedding..if I can find it).

4. I'm taking this herbal supplement that makes my sweat smell like maple syrup, so that deodorant thing is actually more OK than you think.

5. Meanwhile, I am developing a real aversion to maple syrup.

so, how are you guys?


Allison said...

I had to really think hard about what day it is. You aren't missing out on that one.

I've heard that you can nurse in a sling but I was never a sling person...and there's the handsfree pump option but again, not my thing. I'm just a rumor spreader here.

Steph said...

Mmmmm, fenugreek. I still can't eat pancakes with maple syrup.

Mel Francis said...

things could be better here. have revisions due on Monday for book #2 and they're not close to being done.

But things could also be worse. I could have something attached to my boob at all times.

It's all about perspective.

smell ya later!

Older not wiser said...

So you kinda smell like a McGriddle without the sausage?