Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I'm getting to that

So...yeah. My birthday was a bit of a non-event this year. We had plans--several plans, actually, all which fell through the minute Little Ro was diagnosed with pneumonia Saturday morning after a long sleepless night of high fever.. I suppose I was a little disappointed, but honestly, nothing seems all that important at that point other than just getting the little guy better, you know? So maybe I am growing up after all.

I DID finish my List of 40 Things I Want to Do This Year That is NOT a Bucket List want to see it? And just as an aside, may I highly recommend that you do not google "bucket list" while you are at work. For some reason, every other one of them has to do with sex or sexy time or sexy buckets. It's weird.

Ok, without further adoooooo

(in no particular order of preference)

1. Run a 5k (as an incentive, I am signed up for one October 9th. HELP.)
2. Eat at Coopers in Llano.
3. Buy a real pair of cowboy boots
4. Read a book a week. I used to do this before I had kids. Now, if I can stay awake past 9:30, I'm usually up googling "How to Stop Your Toddler from Biting Himself and WHY DOES HE NOT LISTEN TO ME, EVER IS HE DEAF???"
5. See a live show at the Moody Theater. It would be nice if it were an ACL show, but not required.
6. Get a family portrait made where we're all wearing Pancho Villa mustaches.
7. Go to Alamosa or Flat Creek Estates Vineyards. Or both. How is it that I've been to cellars in France, but none in Texas?
8. Rent a caboose at The Antlers
9. See Willie Nelson Live.
10. Go to the horseraces at Oaklawn in Hot Springs.
11. Get an hour long massage.
12. Give up french fries for 6mths (I tried to say a year, but c'mon, this is ME we're talking about)
13. Go see Wait Wait Don't Tell Me in Chicago or one of the travelling shows
14. Go to a ballet performance in Austin
15. Watch a meteor shower from somewhere out in the country.
16. start doing aerobics again.
17. Go on a hot air balloon ride (Jenny, you coming?)
18. Make a new recipe once a week. Like, with a stove.
19. Paint a picture. With paints.
20. Lose baby weight. Like, from Hopper.
21. Sew something
22. Grow something edible
23. Write a short story.
24. Take a picture a day all year (look for these, I've already started!)
25. Be good about getting regular pedicures
26. Resist buying new clothes. (this after watching 5 episodes of Hoarders in a row of people who simply buy new crap other than doing their laundry and eyeing the mounds of unwashed laundry in our laundry room uncomfortably).
27. Rent a convertible just to go riding around town in.
28. Go to a national park.
29. Go to the beach. Any beach.
30. Train myself to get up an hour earlier so I can exercise while everyone else is asleep. I know. Doesn't seem like something someone would want to do, but I don't have a ton of time to myself in my life, I think I need it. If I don't exercise then maybe I can just shower more than 3 times a week. (sorry, that was too much information wasn't it).
31. Go see Cirque de Soleil. Preferably something non-cheesy. Do they make non-cheesy Cirque de Soleil? Doesn't that sound like breakfast?
32. Take a trip with just my sisters.
33. Finish a craft project. I don't know what that will be. Probably not any of the 17 unfinished craft projects I have currently sitting in the garage, I'm guessing.
34. create a space in our house just for reading--big comfy chair, noise cancellation elements...
35. Institute Saturday Night Dance Party or Wii Game Night
36. Try a totally different hairstyle. I've had this one for going on about 5 years now. It might be time.
37. make a "day in the life" video. It may, perhaps, have to be a silent film.
38. Go to an Alamo Signature Event. I miss you, sing-a-longs.
39. Design a t-shirt and sell it on Cafepress
40. See a broadway show.

alright, who's with me?


Suzy said...

Me!!! Especially Alamosa..

Anonymous said...

You've got some good ones, Lee. Some I've done and a lot I have not...I'm in:) btw, how's Rowan feeling? xo-CES

Older not wiser said...

The Perseid Meteor Shower is August the 13th(a Saturday)-different sites give different days-Arkansas calendar of events lists it as Aug.11th.