Monday, November 14, 2011

You'll have to excuse the radio silence, I'm still trying to unlock my jaw from where I clenched it so hard in irritation yesterday, I think it got stuck. On one hand, I can still mutter a "take the 'od-dam pith-ur" without moving my lower jaw, on the other hand: my teeth might be shattering. So yeah: Family Christmas Photo Time! [bangs head on hard object].

 Apparently, it's been a sufficiently long period of time since we've ventured trying to get professional photographs of Hopper, that I thought it might go better this time. Not so much. You'll note that where as last year, I had lots of evidence of the hissy throwing, I have none to show you this time. That's because whereas I am usually moved by the overwhelming cuteness of my offspring despite their being total little turds that I actually buy the CD of the whole photo shoot, this year, it was just #*$%ing terrible enough to skip it.

 Trust me, you aren't missing much. It was mainly 45 straight minutes of Hopper dismantling the photo backdrops and becoming obsessive about a prop football while Rowan gummed the wrapping off a fake Christmas present. I tried to tell our photographer to not really wait for the perfect pose and instead just take as many shots as possible so that maybe we might come up with something usable, preferrably with everyone's eyes open and minimal drool. He did not listen. Instead, we inevitably wound up with, oh, maybe 6 or 7 pictures where Hopper isn't visibly screaming.

Round One: total failure. Round Two: Breakfast with Santa in two weeks.

 Behold, the one really great picture we got yesterday. It's a good thing I don't already have 3000 photos of this kid looking fat and jolly. oh wait.

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