Monday, October 08, 2012


Through the mystical power of blog scheduling, I have travelled into the future to tell you what we're up to in Shmitally this week. Days 5 and 6.
On Monday we're heading out with the entire family to Siena which is one of the more well-preserved medieval towns in Tuscany.  It's about an hour or so away from where we're staying. This will be the furthest we've ventured out away from the farm, so this ought to be interesting. We may be stopping by this winery which, crazy enough is run by the folks who live part-time next to my aunt in Florida when they're not running this winery.

Then on Tuesday we're going to do some Toodling.  Toodling is the official word for when you don't have everything EXACTLY planned out, but you know you're not staying home.  The thought right now is that we're probably going to take a jaunt over to Cortona, which I'm sure you  may know is where Under the Tuscan Sun   is based.  Our buddy Rick Steve's has a video on it if you'd like to look. We are probably also going to go to see Dario Cecchini in Chianti for a little "sushi de chianti."  He's a butcher guy. A very, Serious butcher guy.

We may also just do a whole lotta getting lost.

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