Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wine Wine Wine, All you do is Wine

Through the mystical power of blog scheduling, I have travelled into the future to tell you what we're up to on vacation this week.  Days 7 and 8.
I know you didn't think we were going to go to Shmitally without some vino consumption.  So yes, we have some winery visits scheduled. I'm not exactly sure of the timing of all these, so I'm lumping them on Wednesday and Thursday.  I know for sure on Wednesday we'll be going to Li Veli. The boys will not be joining us for that. We are also planning on going to CasaLoste which is in the same town as Dario the Butcher, so we'll likely be lumping those two together.  We'll be going to San Sano and also at some point, Buonamico.  I plan on thoroughly enjoying myself while avoiding drunkenly falling down the stairwell in the train station. Not that I have EVER done that in a foreign country. (coughallofthemcough).

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