Saturday, March 29, 2014

Boys in Blue

it's that time of the year again... the days are longer, bluebonnets exploding everywhere. Time once again to drag my children to the side of the freeway to trample through unmowed clumps of brush that are possibly hiding cactii and newly awakened rattlesnakes so I can cajole them into contorting their precious mugs into something that looks less like a grimace and more like brotherly love...

I fail at this every g**damned year.

I'm not really sure why I bother anymore. 

Off to the side is a family laughing at me yelling, "BROTHERLY LOVE, I SAID" as they're trying to put each other in a headlock.

Rowan is very much in his "I'm not your Dancing Monkey" phase and flat out refused to look at me. This was pretty much it for the Rowan. Little turd. 

But I did manage to get some halfway decent photos of Hopper, once I managed to get him to stop giving me this look:

I finally told him if he didn't smile, I was going to make him sit on a cactus. This, for whatever reason, made him laugh.

and he began to oblige. 

but by this point, my camera battery light was flashing because GENIUS THAT I AM, I forgot to put in a fresh one before we left the house. Doy. 

So, I told the boys to head on back up the car and then BAM, they got all cute on me. Some of my favorite pictures ever. 

So, I guess it wasn't a total loss.


Older not wiser said...

I'm coming next year. My 50th bday present to myself and maybe with Mom in the picture it will make them laugh. I'm warning you I have this thing about taking pictures at dawn AND sunset to capture different lighting.

Blue Gal said...

I love these pix more than if they had sat there and smiled politely!!