Monday, March 31, 2014


In addition to it being Bluebonnets Time, we also have at least two roadside carnivals right down the street from us. These are the kind with the rickety looking ferris wheels and the questionable safety records. You know, the ones where you decide which ride to go on based on whether or not you'll survive the fall.   Anyway, so, we see the carnival a couple of times driving past and Hopper gets SUPER excited because he's just like his dad: he loves death traps that hurtle you through space and make you vomit. He also believes that this is the only place in the world you can buy cotton candy.  Needless to say, he's been bugging me the past couple of days to go to the carnival, so I've been using this as a behavior carrot: "If you're really good and don't kick anyone and listen to your teachers, we'll go to the carnival tonight!"  Except... Every day he ends up kicking someone or otherwise misbehaving and we don't end up going.

Yesterday was a particularly TRYING day for both Hopper and his brother. I mean, from sun-up to sundown the two of them were tag-teaming little balls of destruction and misery. Even so, when we sat down for dinner,  he asked me in a really hopeful voice, "Are we going to go to the carnival today?"  I told him, "Hopper, you guys been so terrible today that the only way you're going to the carnival is if gypsies come by the house, kidnap you and put you to work as a carnie operating the rides." Thank you  1950's for the threat.

This morning, both boys were really chipper and well-rested and we were off to a really good start. Hopper marches right into his room at daycare and says, "Miss Michelle, Guess What?? I'm going to work as a carnie!"

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Older not wiser said...

Does this mean family get free armbands?