Thursday, August 07, 2014

Supply List Addendum

I'm not the world's most organized person (cough), I've got a serious procrastination bent and besides that if I don't like to do something, chances are, it will remain undone for quite sometime. This would be why the paint job on the hallway in my house still hasn't been finished since 2009. I don't like painting, what can I say?  BUT, one thing I don't screw around with is prepping ahead of time for kid stuff.  I started out mothering the same way I'd lived for 3 2/3 decades, i.e. by the seat of my pants, but I learned the hard way that if you leave the house unprepared with two boys under a certain age, someone will be wearing Ca-Ca on the seat of those pants without a spare pair to be had anywhere and that shiz is not pleasant.  So, I've evolved into this person who (prepare yourself now, sit down) GETS STUFF READY THE NIGHT BEFORE. Crazy, huh? I know, I wouldn't have believed it of myself either. 

Hop is starting kindergarten in three weeks and I got the supply list about a month ago (WHO IS THIS WOMAN?). I was going to wait to buy stuff  until the Texas Tax Free Weekend coming up tomorrow, but I have seen this Tax Free Weekend phenomenon before. It's almost as bad as going to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving, only people get violent over 12 packs of glue sticks. So, I started picking things up here and there and I'm actually way done with the Kindergarten supply list (though, I have questions. Such as, is it really necessary that every child come with 48 glue sticks? Really? 48?? PER CHILD.  That's insane. That's more than one glue stick per week of school. How much glue sticking are you going to be doing? Is there a glue stick component on the Standardized Tests?)

But even with the list all done and purchased, I feel like there are some things missing  that my son might be needing for school. I've made a list. If you're out and about this weekend, feel free to pick any of this up for him.

  1. an alarm clock that he cannot figure out how to turn off or unplug or reset somehow in the middle of the night
  2. 40 pairs of socks (That's one per week of school. Unlike glue sticks, I can actually envision us needing that many)
  3. a parachute (not the playground kind, the real kind for when you jump off things really high)
  4. thorazine dart gun (for his teacher)
  5. a sidekick (preferably one that's either very big or very smart. Or both)
  6. an emergency clip-on tie (sometimes, he needs one. that's what he says anyway)
  7. a sudden ability to hear something he doesn't agree with and keep his mouth shut
Ok, well that last one might be unlikely.

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Blue Gal said...

Well, realistically, probably not everyone will bring all the supplies on the list. I'll bet the teachers are planning for that. Our supply list for 3rd grade only said "3 packs of glue sticks". I was like, 3 packs of HOW MANY?? I remember our kinder list was really specific about stuff like pencil brand, too, and the one for 3rd is not. I think it depends on the teachers. So excited to see you guys at the picnic!!