Sunday, November 15, 2015


True Story: if you email me a free shipping code and then there's a website code for 50% off and then you mail me a coupon for $10 off ON TOP of any of those other codes but all of this expires, say....TONIGHT, I will actually consent to spending an hour on a Sunday two weeks before Thanksgiving attempting to put together our Christmas Card. It took me an hour to realize this was a dumb idea.
Doing this now means that I don't have any photos of the boys doing anything besides jumping into the pool at the Y or running around the farm naked. I mean, there might be one or two others, but not any as good.  There have been no matching sweater photo shoots (because it's been 80 degrees until two days ago). There's no snow, unless I let them spray each other with the canned stuff and that might be a litttle...chemical-ish. We haven't even had our Annual Company Breakfast With Santa yet. (because it is two weeks before Thanksgiving).  In short, there is nothing driving this bus other than a chance to save 20 bucks on Christmas Cards. I'm a sucker for discount codes, what can I say? But wasting this hour has made me realize: you know how else I can save money on Christmas Cards? NOT DOING THEM.  That's like....100% off!

 aw, who am I kidding. I'm doing the damned cards. But I think I'm going to wait til the turkey's been served.

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Older not wiser said...

Do you know how many people run to their mailboxes in anticipation of your cards? I cross my fingers in hopes of no nudity.