Friday, April 22, 2016

Sharp Toothed Snail

I'm having a day where I need to think about something other than the fact that Prince is gone because I've already kind of embarrassed myself TWICE over the whole thing. When I found out yesterday, I was in a managers meeting that was three hours long, so I was trying to be all sly about checking my phone when I saw that first breaking report. I had to get up and leave because I did that thing where you're so shocked you sort of start crying without any warning--I mean not sobbing or anything but: tears, you know? so I took off out of the room like  I had to go to the bathroom really bad because having your coworkers think you have diarrhea is preferable to explaining that you're upset that Prince died, right? (Sarcasm) 

 So, I left and got it together and came back after a minute but I guess my face was still blotchy (I'm an ugly crier) because somebody sitting at my table asked if I was ok and I'm all, "sure! I'm fine! Just something in my eye!" Thinking I am totally playing this off. And then I guess someone else checked their phone because right then there was a gasp and someone said, "holy crap y'all Prince  died!" And then everyone at my table looked at me and my blotchy face at the same time: busted.

 The second time involves being at a stop light with the windows rolled up but the music turned up so loud my windows were vibrating while everyone waiting to cross the street is staring goggle-eyed at me and my middle-aged white lady self  doing full body involved car dance to Gett Off but now that I am thinking about it, screw those people because seriously, what ELSE are you supposed to do when that song comes on?

But yeah, I'm heartbroken. It's a sad thing when our idols die. Is it ridiculous to cry about it? As my friend A'Driane says, JUDGE YOUR MOTHER. But I've got a headache from being sad (a sad-ache?) So I'll leave you with this poem that Hopper memorized and told me on the way home yesterday. It's by Shel Silverstein, another idol. It has nothing to do with Prince, it just makes me smile and I sorta need that today.

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