Sunday, August 07, 2016

Farm Days 1-3, 2016

Being at the farm this year has been a little different this year than in year's past because Half of the Horde has already been here for a month! Sam and Hopper left in early July and Hopper got to go to three weeks of summer camp in a place that doesn't feel like the surface of Satan's butt. We'd been Skyping every few days and every time Hopper and Rowan saw each other it was like a tragic war movie where brothers were torn apart. "I loooooovvvee youuuu HOPPAH."  "I miss you Rowan SO MUUCHH."  So, we were taking bets on how long this newfound appreciation for each other might last. Answer: about 15 minutes outside the airport. 

But still, they are having fun seeing each other again even if every morning begins with a 7am argument over whether we are playing Plants Vs. Zombies or Star Wars right now. 
This year is probably my very last year for getting Naked in the Brook photos, which saddens me, but doesn't exactly stop them from taking off their pants every 5 minutes anyway. 

I got a new waterproof point and shoot because I figured I just don't take enough pictures in my life, so now we get to have moments like these:

I know how excited that must make you. But aside from underwater photos I can also take 800 pictures of my kids jumping off the dock at the pond and not worry about ruining my camera. So, wheeeeeee!

Only, I haven't quite figured out the right settings, so sometimes I just get this:
But, I'm working on it.  We go back to the pond in a couple of hours, so I will practice some more. I find that if I make my children just run and jump off the dock 5-6 (hundred) times in a row, they're much more compliant in the evenings. 
The boys are spending this morning doing some yard work with Gram. Someone will need to tell Rowan that his rake sucks. 

 Today's plan for me includes putting on a bubbling clay mask for my face, reading a book and also going to see Yo Yo Ma at Tanglewood. All three of those sound pretty exciting to me, so I'm going to rest up. 

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